Don’t Want To Be Str8

By Guest ‘Word’ Blogger: Gina Conton


I don’t want to be straight anymore.

Night time is the worst time when you’re trying to stay straight.

I had to keep it wrapped tight so that nothing was hanging out and nothing got bent.

The only time I felt free to be me was in the shower, but when you’re trying to stay straight water also becomes your worst enemy.

I couldn’t go swimming, much as I would have liked to, because I could not tie it up tight enough.

Every time the wind would blow it would stand straight up in the air. I was so embarrassed. I had to use both hands to calm it down, even using a lubricant if need be.

Maaannnnn, I’m tired of being straight. So recently I have been exploring.

I’ve been waiting for the right time to call him and tell him that I’ll no longer need his services.

He had worked so hard to keep me straight.

He would let me come by at any hour of the day or night if I needed him.

I need to tell him that the blow jobs and his hot rod were no longer needed.

I just don’t want to wear my hair straight any more.

~ by Gina Conton


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