My Mother’s Daughter


Family Portrait

Since the passing of my Mom to breast cancer five years ago, I’ve used Mother’s Day as a gauge to see how my life is or isn’t progressing. I am truly my Mother’s Daughter as the saying goes, in that I primarily try to live my life conscientiously according to how I know Veronica Louise Conton lived hers.

She raised my three sisters and I to be courageous, respectful, intelligent, and to have integrity; common sense, grace and a strong sense of personal worth; and her most dominant lesson (and my sisters and I will all agree on this), to be loving and compassionate.

I know that I hadn’t always lived up to what my Mother’s expectations of me were in the past and even now, as I feel her, as always, protectively watching over her brood. However, I still check that those admirable qualities at least remain part of my makeup … my DNA. They were a part of hers, so I intend to keep them intact.

Every so often when life throws me a challenging curve ball, I can’t help but think, “How would Mom have handled this ?” It helps to have that strong foundation supporting my decisions.

My Mother taught by example, and my sisters and I couldn’t help but want to imitate and be just like her. She was so loved, admired and respected by us and by everyone who came in contact with her. In all ways she was the embodiment of feminine beauty, strength and intelligence — the ideal womanly model for her growing girls to emulate.

Proud To Be My Mother’s Daughter.






7 responses to “My Mother’s Daughter

  1. Amen sister! I pull from the memory of her strength every day. How did she do it so effortlessly with five children? Well written Amy…#tearsinmyeyes


  2. I remember the story Mommy told me about this picture. How she struggled to keep all of us clean and orderly before taking this picture. She told me that for the most part we were like little ANGELS but she couldn’t keep me from crying (poking my lip out) and she couldn’t keep Amy from scratching her ankles with her dirty shoes…lol. The point is that she thought of us as her angels. Now that she’s gone I’ll never feel that special kind of LOVE again. The closest I can get to feeling her love again is to emulate her.



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