The Date



When I am in “a mood” and do not come around for a while, you become crazy, destructive, desperate.

Knowing this, I still feel no need to expedite things. I will get to you, when I get to you.

It is my torture of you that makes this the sweetest thing.


When I finally arrive, all I care to do is twist your mind, break your heart and shatter your soul.

Truth be told, I will never give up what you want and need so dearly

— more than sleep, to eat or to bathe —

until I have extracted any and all traces of your former self.

Break you down until there is nothing left.


And then

I will resurrect you.


Instilling in you that single, bright, burning light…


That last paint stroke.


That final lyrical note.


The closing quote.


It is strange how you never believe in the beginning,

that the pain of giving birth to your creation, your art,

makes you worthy of your God-given talent.

But in the end, you always see my point and thank me profusely.

But there really is no need for that.

For I am your Muse.

It is my job to inspire you in the most exhilarating, challenging, frightening ways that I can imagine.

And oh, can I IMAGINE!


With All My Love,

Until next time…

© 2013 BLU


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