The Fever

“In the spring, a young man’s fancy lightly turns to thoughts of love.”

Written in 1919 by Alfred Lord Tennyson, no truer words have ever been spoken. Ever wonder why this was so, though? Well, I’ve got two words for you; seasonal breeding.

Once upon a time, we were a species that bred only at certain times of the year. That time of year allowed for the survival of infants in terms of factors such as climatic temperature, availability of food and water, and even when predators were more than likely to be hanging around the lair.

The male species only came a-courtin’ during this ‘mating season’ and females would have nothing to do with their advances outside this period.

And speaking of periods, female seasonal breeders would have one or more menstrual cycles only when “in season” when she would be fertile for mating.

Of course males were part of the cyclical behaviour also.  They exhibited changes in testosterone levels, their testes gained in weight and size (oh my!) and their sperm would become super potent!


This time of year was of course in the spring. The time when prehistoric humankind dug out from its winter hibernation to find that Gaia had renewed, replenished and rejuvenated herself, budding with food, fresh running water bringing warmth from the Sun and creating in our souls the ravishing need to mate and procreate before the big chill set in, once again.

Ah!, Mother Nature. She does so much to keep us around, we really should appreciate her a lot more than we do.

Although we are no longer the one-track-minded-baby-making-machines we once were (we’ve actually evolved first as “opportunistic breeders”, who mated whenever the conditions of the environment were right and then further into what physiologist call the “continuous breeders“, which is what we are today and subsequently when a lot of our morality troubles started!) what becomes DNA, stays DNA for a long, long time and takes millions of years to come out in the wash.

So for us modern-day Cro-Mags, springtime will always bring with it that primitive longing for someone to embrace and make new life with. We just call it “Love” now.

I’m just sayin’! Hope this hasn’t ruined the romance for you… Aaawww, it did!?

Happy Springfever everyone! little daisy


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