Michael Jackson BabyDaddy Drama


The family of Michael Jackson is suing the multi-entertainment conglomerate AEG Live–who sponsored his “This Is It” tour–for its alleged negligent hiring and supervision of Dr. Conrad Murray, convicted of involuntary manslaughter in the case of the singer’s death in 2009. The Jackson Clan are asking for $40 billion in damages.

MJ’s mom, Katherine Jackson, in particular is requesting that anything regarding the paternity of MJ’s children should not be brought up during the case’s impending trial, as well as MJ’s estate situation. Weird to mention that only for the fact that the paternity of the children, as far as I’m thinking, should have no bearing on a charge of manslaughter against AEG.

Which leads me to question: If Michael Jackson did not genetically contribute to the creation of these kids, would he in fact have had to legally adopt them in order to claim he was indeed their daddy? I’m thinking–yeah!–and I’m also thinking he may not have done so, which would put the Jackson’s up sh@#!%’s creek without a paddle, with all the impending claims on the actual parentage of Prince, Paris and Blanket.

If so, what a shaky legacy to leave to these kids.


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