Human Seasons

By Guest Blogger: son of man


As the enlivening energy of the Spring Season approaches, we as well as our loved ones and….. not so loved ones will be under the subtle influences of the season’s energetic and enlivening urgings.The Wall Streeters will be affected as will the Occupiers. The Tea Partiers and Gun Enthusiasts as well as the Progressives and Freedom Fighters, everyone in the mental and spiritual wilderness of North America will be under the effects of our nearest Star.

The return to strength of the life affirming effects of our Sun will bless the Oligarchs and the Neo-Cons, the Liberals and the Plutocrats, the Fox Newsers and the MSNBC heads alike, including those of us like Yours truly who appreciates the fact that the left wing and the right wing are simply extensions of the same dirty, dirty bird.

All will be touched by the same planetary rhythm shift.

As the Sun of the Solar system shares light, so shall the ‘Son of Man’. The earths elements, minerals, water and atmospheric ingredients are ours, literally. The physical composition of the planet upon which we reside is our material composition. She is our mother. Physically speaking she is the macrocosm to our microcosm.

As our planet makes her way around the Sun, the 23 degree tilt of the earths axis allows us to experience varying degrees of warmth and cold throughout our calendar year which are our seasons. So there is a time to plant, a time to pick what we’ve planted, a time to sew and a time to reap what you have sown…. these are immutable

laws easily observable in the cycles of time.

To make it plain, what goes around comes around.

Once again it’s the time of year for the abundance of life that the spring season brings, as our planet awakens from the hibernation of Winter and life bursts from the earth, so does a new energy and life burst forth from us.

The jewel in this for She/He that cares to observe, is this… The new energy found in the new season is youthful, it is impulsive and childlike. If the more experienced and centered life and energy does not stabilize and guide the youthful, inexperienced new life, then the new energy can lead us to trouble.

‘The ‘Son of Man’ reminds us to seek peace in stillness until the new level of energy is incorporated into our conscious awareness. A new season is also dawning in a bigger arena… the the human consciousness. The thirst for justice and equality is beginning to make its presence felt in the hearts and minds of the people of the world. There are signs all over the world that the human psyche has had its fill of the cold, one sided and unjust rule of the uber-wealthy with all her tricks and lies.

A new energy is engulfing the earth. So to the youth who will inevitably lead the way into a new day, let the lessons of Spring time be learned and be incorporated in your battle plans. You are facing an old, experienced, cunning and wise beast. The new energy of a new day MUST be expressed with consciousness. To She/He who has an ear, let them hear.



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