The 55th Annual Grammy Awards! – Blu’s Take


A Really Big Show…

LLCool J was the illustrious host for the 55th Annual Grammy Awards, looking as fine as ever! He was all kinds of hospitality during his time on stage, even at one point wishing everyone on the east coast safety during the storm Nemo. Luved it!

The show started off with Taylor Swift’s  hit “We’re Never, Ever Getting Back Together” with a sort of freak-circus-Alice-In-Wonderland-not-in-your-wildest-dreams stage setting. Lots of fun theatrics that set the mood for the rest of the show. Taylor romped up and  down the stage doing a cute, campy rendition of the song. Luved it!

Jennifer Lopez, feeling she stayed within the guide lines of the 2013 Grammy dress code memo that went out to all the stars (her past Grammy outfits were probably to blame for that lol!) rocked the Carpet with a black, single-sleeved flowing gown, strategically designed for one sexy leg to show clear up to the hip-meat at all times. Way to flaunt that post-twins body JLo! You look maaahvelous! Luved it!

So mad that the innovative Miguel only won Best R&B Song and not Best New Song as well. Or that he wasn’t even allowed to sing in full his monster jam “Adorn”  for the audience!! What a complete rip-off! Stay strong Miguel. Hated it!

Fun‘s performance of ”Carry On” was already titillating even before it starting raining on stage! They won Best Song of the Year for “We Are Young.”  Luved it!

The glamorous Alicia Keys sang her autobiographical “Girl On Fire”,  in a simmering duo with Maroon5 ex-lead singer, Kevin Levine. And something new: Alicia accompanied herself on the drums! Luved it!

Frank Ocean won Best New Song?? I don’t get it. What is all the hoopla-about this guy?  He sings like he’s on the verge of suicide or mass murder. Last night his debut song for the Grammy was an ode to Forrest Gump?? Miguel, once again-“You was robbed!!” Hated it!

Justin Timberlake brought it back Retro-style!  The Big Band vibe was large and in effect with the stage lighting creating a nostalgic B&W ambiance. Boy was in rare form I tell you. Didn’t catch the title of the two songs he sang but they were off his new “The 20/20 Experience” CD. JayZ‘s usual Don Corleone’ demeanor was missing last night as he got onstage to accompany Timberlake with a lil rap-a-toire. Luved it!

Good to see Sting up there turning it out with his distinctive use of the English language. He and Latin cutie Bruno Mars sang a string of Bob Marley hits in tribute to the famed Reggae artist. Luved it!

They were later joined by Rhianna and Marley brothers Ziggy & Damian for the finale“Could You Be Loved.” Luved it!

Speaking of Rhianna, I must say I was impressed by this young performer’s expressiveness on the Red Carpet and the Dyn-O-mite slow burn jam she performed with some dude I don’t know, who would’ve been better off just continuing to sit in the dark quietly. Rhianna sang like, ‘Hey, I got this!’ Luved it!

Kelly Clarkson made a strange remark while accepting her Grammy about not knowing who Miguel was but that they should cut a record together…? She made up for that awkward moment with her performance tribute to Carol King & Patti Page. Luved it!

Chris White (literally) and his all-girl band on one side of the stage, his rockin’ & rollin’ crew on the other, put on an electrifying mini concert. He sung a duet with a pretty brown-skinned sistah and the contrasts were flying all over the place lol! Luved it!

LL rocked the bells with his finale “WHADDUP!” Chuck D gave him a hand and it was all about  Ol’ Skool as he hustled all over the  stage, gathering up energy for the  last “whaddup! before the lights came up! Luved it!


Adele, Adele, Adele…you did not represent us full-figured chicks with that hideous dress! What were you THINKING! Ugh! Looked like something from the Piccadilly Circus. And did you see that look when she got out her limo to walk the carpet? It said “I dare any of you skinny bitches to say something about my dress.. I DARE YOU!” Love that voice tho’ Girl!!!

Beyonce was dressed surprisingly demure in a simple black and white outfit, her hair pulled back and her signature red lipstick. Poor child probably still glamm-ed out from the Super Bowl.

Nas‘ “I was ordered to be here or else” stance threw things off temporarily on the Carpet. Loved that light bronzed colored jacket with the old school pocket chain tho’. Way to stay street Nas! Someone mentioned that he had cut a record with Amy Winehouse before she left this plane. Sounds like something worth investigating!

Katty Perry had on the best dress for the evening IMHO!, a cloud soft, mint green stretch knit with a wild mix-n- match sequin applique around a plunging neckline. She held up well tho’ , obviously balking at the Grammy’s “no puff ” ban on exposed tittie parts. LOL!

The Purple One, Prince, came out onstage slightly limping with a silver cane and dark, remote shades to present Best New Album to the duo, Gotye and Kimbra  for “Somebody That I Used To Know”. (Prince murmured that he loved that song. Me too!). Rumor has it Prince needs knee surgery but would get it only if it were a bloodless procedure cuz he’s Jehovah Witness and they don’t believe in blood transfusions…well, if that don’t beat all! Them super high-heels must have taken their toll!

Got just one thing to say to Amber Rose, “What in the world are you carrying in that stomach?” It is GI-NORMOUS! even with the black ensemble, which btw was the sexiest mommy-to-be outfit I’ve seen for awhile.  She was positively radiant tho’! Her man Khalifa… well–let’s just say, he’s cute and all, but I would’ve said “No” to 1/3 of  those tatts he has crawling all over his body!

All in all, it was a fantastic show with tributes to Late Greats and short, succinct and humble acceptance speeches. Lots of energetic performances. As far as the who-got-what-awards, I’m sure whoever “got” deserved it and its too bad that everyone couldn’t get a Grammy.

Watching the Grammy last night, I got the sense that the music being created now is going to be less commercial, less hard sell and more “I make music, because I AM a musician and this is what I do! Like it or not, I’ll still be creating it.”  LUV IT!



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