Largest Artwork in the World!


Icelandic artist Ingvar Bjorn is attempting to beat the Guinness World Record for “the most artists working on a single art installation” by creating The Largest Artwork in the World which will include participants from people all over the social media circuits. The project is in support of UNICEF and the organization’s attempt to bring attention to the plight of many of the world’s poor children and what its doing to help them.

The project started on February 7, 2013, and will attempt to last for 66 days, a day for each year UNICEF has been operating. When the project finishes, it will be painted on a huge canvas and set up for an auction in support of UNICEF.

As a platform on Facebook, The Largest Artwork in the World can be accessed by anyone with an active Facebook user account. Log on and leave your mark

Right now artist Ross Ashton of The Projection Studio and his Face Britain video projection, holds the Guinness world record. Over 200,000 self portraits were contributed by children all across the country to form a gigantic montage which was projected on to Buckingham Palace in celebration of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee in 2012.



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