In the days and weeks ahead, expect great news to come your way.

This news could come in the mail. Or by cell. From the mouth of a dear friend, or via the seemingly random quip of a relative by email.

It may come from your lawyer, employer,  employee, or your shrink; from your ex on a Friday night or a televangelist on a Saturday morning.

The news, whenever and however it arrives, will be the intervention you’ve   been awake nights praying for. Validation. Reprieve. Quiet, heartening, deliverance that feels like the damn Calvary.

And to think–that good fortune, in all its might and magic, will have emanated, remarkably, from its very destination: ultimately, it will have come from you.

In the midst of our despair, we unknowingly make things happen.  Emotionally we open a door, hear a message or stand, if only for a second, in the Light and allow something other than the negative to take hold.  Goodness requires but a corner in which to dance its persuasive jig.  Just a sliver of  expectation can germinate into positive vibes and blessings.

Imagine the possibilities if you deliberately concentrated, with verve and determination, on the notion that you alone can create something good in your world.

Fact is, we all possess the capacity to positively alter  events of our existence. Even on our darkest day, we are sitting on the edge of something magnificent. We all have access to this power.  And it is free.

It all lies in that space between your ears, in the mind. There is power simply in how you decide to view things.   Quite often,  the only difference between one day and another is one’s attitude–how you feel about your circumstance at any particular moment. You have a choice.

It is easier to be optimistic instead of negative, because the reward for a positive frame of mind is hope.  Where there is hope, there is will, and where there is a will…well, you’ve heard the rest.  And It’s true.

When you alter your thinking and support  it with ambition, hardy effort and expectation, good things happen. Change your thinking and you change your life.

When you finally realize and accept this awesome, spoon-bending, moneymaking, soul-shaking  superpower you’ve had all along–when you are persistent and don’t give up or cave in; when you give yourself a chance for a change,  stop listening to what THEY say and start betting on YOU; when you  grow some backbone  and begin loving yourself and not just saying you love yourself  but truly  loving and respecting yourself for the sheer force of nature that you are, exciting events start happening in your life.

And you’ll be just a little full and a lot proud of yourself. You’ll sit there mute and amazed,  shaking your head and grinning like a Cheshire cat, on the hallelujah brink of some kind of wonderful.



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