He Called Me Goddess



He called me Goddess.

Did He have any idea

what that would do to me,

when the man I’m all up into calls me…Goddess?

Does He have a clue as to the power He’s unleashed upon Himself,

not to mention the Universe!?

You just can’t be lovin’ a woman all correct like He does

then turn around and call her that.

A girl can’t do nothin’ but become that very thing!

I mean ~

when He called me Goddess, He set off this oscillating sensation

that swirled itself up my spine firing my chakras;

my vagina


solar plexus

my throat

my third eye

my crown.

His voice, when He called me “Goddess”,

emitted a resonating frequency that vibrated me

releasing  kinetic energy

causing the earth to shake

stars to fall

the galaxy to shudder and undulate 

syncopating me harmoniously

with all of Him;

His nerves

His organs

His muscles

His skin…

God, does He even know how much trouble He’s in?

© 2011 BLU


6 responses to “He Called Me Goddess

  1. This is a…umm, pretty charged piece of poetry.
    Just a thought. To draft an illustrated work based upon this writing. A graphic representation to exhibit, or to simply accompany this body of text work here. Unless a visual, you feel, defeats the strength of the written words?



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