He Called Me Goddess


He called me Goddess.

Did He have any idea

what that would do to me,

when the man I’m all up into calls me…Goddess?

Does He have a clue as to the power He’s unleashed upon Himself,

not to mention the Universe!?

You just can’t be lovin’ a woman all correct like He does

then turn around and call her that.

A girl can’t do nothin’ but become that very thing!

I mean ~

when He called me Goddess, He set off this oscillating sensation

that swirled itself up my spine firing my chakras:

my crown

my third eye

my throat

solar plexus


my vagina.

His voice, when He called me “Goddess”,

emitted a resonating frequency that vibrated me

releasing  kinetic energy causing the earth to shake

stars to fall and the galaxy to shudder and undulate

finally syncopating me harmoniously with all of Him;

His nerves

His organs

His muscles

His skin…

God, does He even know how much trouble He’s in?


6 responses to “He Called Me Goddess

  1. This is a…umm, pretty charged piece of poetry.
    Just a thought. To draft an illustrated work based upon this writing. A graphic representation to exhibit, or to simply accompany this body of text work here. Unless a visual, you feel, defeats the strength of the written words?



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