In lieu of the array of alternative lifestyles open for folks to follow these days, I got to thinking about humankind and its evolution. I wondered if it would be out of necessity that we evolve into a species able to mate regardless of gender in order to continue our DAWN BOOK COVERexistence. The late, great African-American science fiction writer Octavia E. Butler, winner of a 1985 Hugo Award and a 1984 and 1999 Nebula award– who just happens to have helped foster my ideas of what aliens who have advanced us physically, psychologically and physiologically might be like– forged a beautifully terrifying being called an Oankali who was asexual and mated in a double menage trois composed of itself, a female and a male of its species and a human female and male, genetically mixing DNA until both species were represented in both couples’ offspring. This group was the family unit. The storyline was from the book ‘Dawn’, first book from Butler’s ‘Xenogenesis Series’. Fascinating stuff…

After such a long, exhausting, thought-provoking session, I took another toke, drifted off to sleep and had this incredible dream…

Things started out normal enough.
I was sitting on an idyllic, sprawling, perfect-shade-of-green stretch of land, thumbing through a book on Home Decorating for Lesbians. It had helpful advice on designing tips and even included some recipes. My head was buried in the book when I heard a woman’s laughter coming towards me. I looked up to see a large mahogany colored woman standing in front of me. She was sporting a southern belle type hat. It was made from a stiff, sheer white fabric and had strips of white ribbon running around its large brim. The brim was so large it flopped over her right eye, hiding it completely. She was smiling and laughing with plump, deep red painted lips and with a cheery voice began telling me that she just came from a Lesbian Ball from “up there”, pointing to a house that suddenly appears out of nowhere. A white, palatial, plantation style home, stretched across a huge raised portion of the land in the distance. Music was coming from the house, but I didn’t actually hear it as much as saw it: little black clefts, staffs and musical bars jangling in the air around and above the house. The laughing woman in the hat was saying what a great time her and her friends had at the ball. She said that it was an opportunity to show support and love for each other. She also told me that it was a great venue to “act-up, show your ass and to lick some clit’ to boot!”
I sat there looking up at her smiling while she tittered on and on…

I’m walking down a crowded city sidewalk in the middle of the day. I get to the curb and I stop to wait for the light to change from red to green to cross. Just then I saw, in the middle of the very wide street and in the midst of oncoming traffic, an elderly white woman crouched down on her haunches with her pocketbook in her lap counting change from her purse. As the light changed I hurried towards her trying to get close enough to make eye contact as she crouched there. When she looked up at me I gave her such a look!
“Now you know your crazy ass should not be sitting here in the middle of traffic counting no change!”  That’s what the ‘look’ had said. It made her check herself and she stood up, straightened her clothes and fastened her bag shut. I passed her and got to the other side of the street onto the curb where I turned to see her still standing out there. The street was empty now except for her lone figure, her back facing me. I looked around to see if anyone else was witnessing this strange behavior. A young, olive complexioned Puerto Rican kid, who stood alongside of me, shouted out to her “Hey lady! Get outta the street before you get hit man!”…

I’m standing at the entrance of a long dark alley leading to a dead-end street. Two tall buildings standing at either side, formed a walled-in enclosure while the night sky took the place of a roof. I, standing at the opening of the alley, was tall enough and wide enough to be the fourth wall. At the end of the alley sat a large cherry wood, roll top desk. It had the hooded curved top you had to lift up in order to get to the desk. The desk had lots of different sized draws all over. I walked over to it and opened up the hood and draws and found that there were hoards of candy stashed in them. That, for some reason disappointed me. I wasn’t interested in eating any of that candy. I plopped down in a chair at the desk and began to sulk about my find. As I sat there, a couple also entered the alley and came up to me. They stood, a young woman and man, at either side of me. I noticed how much smaller in stature they were to me. They asked me a question that I didn’t really hear. Instead of answering them I showed them the candy in the desk and began filling small brown bags with it to give to them. I made sure that each bag had a good assortment of candy. They squealed with delight holding out their small hands, happy and surprised to receive the gifts. That cheered me up a bit…

I’m secretly watching through a window as a beautiful dark-coco skinned man, topless but wearing soft, white, linen pajama bottoms, walks back and forth between rooms of a spacious apartment. He seemed the perfect specimen of a man to me with chiseled body, clean shaven dome and smooth, clear skin. I thought, “I want that.”
Seems he was calling back to someone in another room but I couldn’t hear what he was saying nor could I see the other person. ‘The Beautiful One’ walked from room to room apparently going about his morning rituals of drinking coffee, reading the paper, checking his mail, making some calls…
When he finally finished his tasks, he headed into a small dark bedroom where a partially hidden figure–another black male I saw — laid waiting for him in a small bed. I watched as he lay down with his companion and began kissing him. I turned away from the window at that point not wanting to see anymore…

The Coco Man and I are laying in bed together. We were in a light, soft pastel colored room, our bodies — being the darkest things there — appeared silhouetted. We were in the midst of lustily grinding our bodies together becoming further turned on at how much we were enjoying each other, him obviously gay and me straight. We explored each other as if it were our first time being with a lover. Through it all I was thinking how serious a thing this could be — having sex with a gay man — when I heard an ominous voice out of nowhere answer “It’s all right, you are protected.” Well, with that assurance I became even more aroused and began taking the initiative with him while he lay back, looking amazed and a little confused at how much he was loving this — and me. I heard myself mutter “Lord, don’t let me fall for this man, puhleeeeze…

It’s the evening and I’m shouting at my beautiful lover as I’m standing at a back doorway of a flat that leads out to a dark alley. He had already gone through the door down some stairs and was walking briskly up the alley, away from me, shouting back angrily,  “… and after I showed you all the candy in those draws!”
I yelled back righteously indignant,  “I showed YOU that candy! I always knew about the candy for hundreds of thousands of years! I showed you the candy draws!! I told you about the desk!”

The chick in the hat was back. Her face is all up in mine with her eye still obscured by the big brim.  She was still laughing about the goings on at The Ball.
“Last chance to act up Girl!” she advised me.
“Look at ‘Dad’ over there.” She tilted her chin to my left and I looked over my shoulder at an older black woman dressed in baggy men’s trousers held up with suspenders. Her salt and pepper hair was cut very close to her head. She looked a little dazed.
Black Belle said, “Some young thang rocked her world and turned her out at the party! Hee-hee-hee-heeee!”

Her last laugh seemed to signal the end of the dream sequence and afterwards I slept on blissfully for hours, uninterrupted by any more strange dreams… 


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